Stainless Steel Tumbler - American Made - Hand Polished

Stainless steel is a classic, elegant material which Taftware crafts this 8 ounce tumbler from.  Starting as a single solid piece of stainless steel, the classic minimalist tumbler is created.  Each glass is hand polished to a mirror shine and fine interior surface finish.

Stainless steel is timeless because of its resistance to rust and other damage.  With light care and cleaning, this tumbler will continue to shine for a lifetime. The sturdy construction and simplicity of this tumbler complement the history of steel in manufacturing and industrialization.

Each tumbler is made by Taftware in Michigan and is shipped in a handmade hardwood box.

Why Choose Taftware Tumblers?

  • Pure Stainless Steel
  • Superior machined single piece construction
  • Brilliant, polished outer surface and fine interior surface finish
  • 8 fluid ounces  |  3.25” Height by 3.00” Diameter
  • Small microfiber polishing cloth included
  • Custom handmade hardwood box
  • Made in the USA by Taftware  
  • Engraving available, enter text above, more information
Please see care instructions for polishing recommendations.

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