Stainless Steel Coaster Set

Each Taftware Coaster is made from a solid piece of Stainless Steel 

Each coaster is glass bead blasted to give it a smooth consistent finish, which also aids in dealing with condensation.  Because of the finish of a glass beaded surface it does not allow glasses to stick to these coasters.  No more lifting your coaster off the coffee table!

Each coaster has a non-slip grip on the bottom to prevent it from sliding underneath your glass.

  • Pure Stainless Steel
    • Corrosion and rust resistant, easy to clean
  • Superior machined single piece construction
  • Brilliant, glass beaded smooth finish
  •  3.50” Diameter by 0.100” Thickness
    • Protects your table from hot and cold, while being sturdy
  • Does not include wood base as shown
    • Made in the USA by Taftware   Made in USA

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