Gentlemen's Shot Glass Set

Each shot glass in this unique set is custom made from a single piece of copper, lead-free brass, stainless steel, and signature titanium and is hand polished to give both the interior and exterior of the glass a rich luster. The spectrum of color and feel of this set makes it appealing to a variety of tastes. This set is shipped in a custom, handmade hardwood box made in the USA.

Why Choose Taftware Shot Glasses?

  • Pure Copper, Eco-Brass, Stainless Steel, and Signature Titanium
  • Superior machined single piece construction
  • Brilliant, polished outer surface and fine interior surface finish
  • 1 fluid ounce each | 2.0”Height by 1.75”Diameter
  • Custom handmade Oak hardwood box
  • Small microfiber polishing cloth included
  • Made in the USA by Taftware  
  • Engraving available, enter text above, more information
Please see care instructions for polishing recommendations.

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