Signature Titanium Tumbler - American Made - Hand Finished

This tumbler is the first of its kind in the Taftware Signature product line. Each product in the Signature line comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and unique serial number engraved in the product. At the time of purchase, you will have the opportunity to link your product with your name and location on the Taftware site.

Signature Titanium Tumbler List

Each tumbler is made from a single piece of pure titanium and heated to produce a rich color gradient. Due to the artisan process of creating these glasses, no two are alike. The glass weighs in at just under 3/4 a pound but has four times the strength of steel. Each Taftware tumbler is shipped in a custom, handmade hardwood box made in the USA.

Why Choose Taftware Tumblers?

  • Pure Titanium
  • Superior machined single piece construction
  • Brilliant, polished outer surface with colored distinction
  • 8 fluid ounces  |  3.25” Height by 3.00” Diameter
  • Small microfiber polishing cloth included
  • Custom handmade Oak hardwood box
  • Made in the USA by Taftware  
  • Engraving available, enter text above, more information
Please see care instructions for polishing recommendations.

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