Copper Material Product Care

Applicable Products: Copper Shot Glass  |  Copper Tumbler

                                Taftware Copper Shot Glass   Taftware Copper Tumbler

Of all the materials Taftware crafts its products from, Copper is the most susceptible to developing tarnish.  Copper naturally oxidizes over time and will form a patina that will darken the metal and cover the surface of your glass.  This tarnish can be easily polished and removed to restore the original brilliance of the metal.  Over time this will happen naturally as Copper reacts with oxygen in the air.  Oils that are in the skin will also form fingerprints and oxidize on the surface of the glass.  To keep the glass looking brilliant, regular polishing will be required.  However, a tarnished glass can be cleaned up to like new state using the products below:

Copper Polish

Microfiber Cloth