Custom Engraving


 Minimum Charge  (Ex. One word, letter, initial or number) $8.00
Per Word $3.00
Number  (Ex. 1st, 2015) $3.00
Initials (Ex. MGD, JDL) $3.00
Symbols (Ex. $, %, @) $3.00
Monogram $3.00
Any Full Date  (Ex. May3, 2015, 5/3/2015)  $3.00

Taftware offers custom engraving on all of our metal tumblers and shot glasses.

At this time, we can only offer engraving on the flat, bottom of each glass.

The character limit of engraving is 25 per line with a total of 2 lines.  Beyond this limit it is difficult to fit wording onto the bottom of the glass.

How to Order Engraving:

Each product has a button for custom engraving, when clicked, you will be able to enter text on two lines.  If you are ordering multiple glasses, additional boxes will appear if you would like different engraving on each glass.

If you have any issues, please contact us through our site or at

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Example Engraving:  

Initials Only "MGD" total cost for one initial set, minimum charge = $8.00

Wording "I love you, 2015" total cost, 3 words + 1 number = $12.00

There is a $8 minimum for custom engraving orders.  All engraving is currently done on our production mill and results in flawless engraved products with great detail.  Each engraving job involves Jon or Matt programming the job for the mill to run and setting up each glass to produce a great custom memory.

If you have a specific request for engraving such as an image or longer text, please send us an e-mail on our contact page or

Monogram Example:

Copper Tumbler Engraved Monogram


Initials Example:

Inscription Example: