Materials Information

Taftware crafts it's products by selecting superior, sometimes exotic materials to blend the right mix of style, sophistication and beauty.  
By marrying form, design and superior quality, Taftware generates products that start conversations and last a lifetime.
It all starts with the raw material.
Everything is machined at Taftware, not stamped, or welded, but cut from a single continuous piece of metal.  This results in a superior product, which is resistant to damage, feels substantial and will last a lifetime.  Browse some of our materials below and learn more about our use of them.



A beautiful element, when pure, it shows a brilliant orangish metallic finish, which will keep its sheen only if given attention.  Over time copper will dull and form a patina which can be equally as beautiful.



Copper is known for it's beauty and excellent malleability.  But has also been used for drink and cookware for centuries.  It's a natural selection as a beautiful option for enjoying any type of beverage.  The machined copper products from Taftware exhibit a substantial feel, due to their weight.


Eco Brass

Brass has been known for it's similarity in appearance to gold.  It is a copper and zinc alloy that exhibits excellent frictional properties as well as resistance to corrosion due to sea salt.


It looks fantastic and has been used in plumbing applications for hundreds of years.  Taftware has created brilliant designs featuring brass.

We use only lead-free eco-brass which has extremely low lead content and is the absolute safest brass material for use in home products.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the gold standard for corrosion resistance and long life.  Making it a staple in kitchens and any products which require a rust free finish that will last for years.


Stainless steel polishes very nicely and will continue to hold a polish years after machining.  Taftware uses specialized cutting processes to produce surface finishes that shine like chrome.



Titanium has been a favorite material to use when low weight is desired.  It is stronger than steel, but less than half of the weight.  


Due to this advantage, it has been used in everything from aircraft to golf clubs.  Taftware creates distinguished titanium products that will last a lifetime.

Taftware has the ability to flame color titanium for an even more distinguished look, each piece is one of a kind.



Stone is one of the oldest materials used on the planet.  It has been crafted and carved for years into tools and objects of beauty.


Each individual stone is unique, displaying different colorations and variation throughout its structure.  Taftware creates one of a kind pieces from soapstone that are made to impress.