Signature Titanium Tumbler Owners

This is a table of all the customers who have purchased a Signature Titanium Tumbler since their launch in 2014. These glasses are made for a lifetime and this table will document each purchase in history.  Owners will be able to look back and see other owners of this timeless product.

When purchasing, Taftware will contact each owner to ask if they would like to choose to be a part of this special documentation.  If they like, they may elect to provide either a name, location, or neither.  Privacy will be respected if they choose to remain anonymous.

The numbers in this table represent a one of a kind, crafted product which will never be duplicated.  Once a serial number is assigned, that number is forever taken.

Serial Number
024 Matt West Bloomfield, MI 2015
023 Jonathan Rochester Hills, MI 2015
019-022 Kickstarter Backers Private* 2014
018 Daver Private*, CA 2014
017 Ben L. Lowell, MA 2014
013-016 Kickstarter Backers Private* 2014
012 Tim Smith Cleveland, OH 2014
011 Sean Cary, NC 2014
001 - 010 Kickstarter Backers Private* 2014


* These customers have opted to remain private. If you want to remain a private customer please inform us during your ordering process.