The Taftware Difference: Tumblers

Why Taftware?

We founded Taftware with a simple concept:  Quality Without Compromise.

We hold true to that mission by providing a standard to our customers that surpasses what is available in the market.

Our products are machined from pure materials, not stamped, spun or pressed.  The result is quality you can see and feel.  

The difference is a product that will last for a lifetime.  

Our Tumblers:

Below shows the comparison between a Taftware Copper Tumbler and a widely available tumbler.

Taftware Copper Tumbler Comparison

The thin wall, low quality finish of the other glass explains the low cost, mass production method of stamping these glasses.  They roll the edge to make the top useable for drinking.  Taftware Tumblers feature constant thickness wall, specially designed to be the optimal weight and thickness for drinking.

Taftware Tumbler Bottom Comparison

All of our tumblers have our makers mark machined into the bottom of the glass.  This is a point of pride for Taftware as we proudly make all of our products in the USA.

Our Packaging:

Each Taftware tumbler box starts as a linear hardwood board, sourced from the Northeast United States.  We turn that unfinished wood into a beautiful handmade box, with a lid that shows the tumbler perfectly when opened.  Each box is hand stained and carefully finished before being paired with a tumbler.

Taftware Tumbler Box Comparison

The presentation quality of the handmade box makes a Taftware Tumbler a unique, exciting gift for someone special to enjoy for years.

             Taftware Single Tumbler Box      Taftware Double Tumbler Set Box