The Taftware Difference: Wine Stoppers

Why Taftware?

We founded Taftware with a simple concept:  Quality Without Compromise.

We hold true to that mission by providing a standard to our customers that surpasses what is available in the market.

Our products are machined from pure materials, not stamped, spun or pressed.  The result is quality you can see and feel.  

The difference is a product that will last for a lifetime.  

Our Wine Stoppers:

Below shows an example of an available wine stopper.  Most are constructed using cheap inferior quality metals with a thin plating to create the look.  By quickly filing the edge, the cheap metal is exposed.

All Taftware Taper wine stoppers are machined from a single piece of material producing superior quality.

Taftware Signature Titanium Taper Wine Stopper

Our Packaging:

Each Taftware Taper is packaged in acrylic packaging with wood accents made by Taftware.